Creative Direction 
Game, experience, museum/exhibition design. Interaction design, UX, HCI, ICT, STEAM education, diversity and inclusion consulting. Jury and board work, start-up support, mentoring.

Film Direction 
Feature, series, music video, commercials, VR, projections.

Story Architecture
Transmedia, crossmedia, experience design, narrative design, script writing, player journey architectures, PR campaigns, game/film launch, public events.

Art Production and Research
Cyborg interfaces, performance, video installations, interactive installations, games, sculpture, music tech, bio art, public space art and playgrounds.

Exhibitions, festivals, labs, conferences.

Production design and direction, fire shows, dance shows, arena shows, esports, digital scenography, costume design.

Keynote, panel, guest lectures, workshops, curriculum development, industry partner.

Innovation Management 
Facilitating labs, workshops, hacks, prototyping, co-creation, team building, policy making, urban cultural planning, citizen driven city planning.