currently working on

Nordic/Arctic futurism projects, including a game universe, living lab and documentary film.

PhD research creation at the Technoculture, Art and Games lab (TAG), Milieux institute for arts, culture and technology at Concordia University.  I am also a member of Hexagram and the Solar Media Collective.

My research focus is diverse game design, systems design for machine learning and AI generated game content, and cyborg interfaces. Research site

Creative Director, Game and Systems Designer for an innovation in AI conversational agents and AR metaverse design, in collaboration with Urbanoid.


Creative Director, testing and development of an AR application for location based messaging, including game design and technical development of UX, UI, and datasets for conversational agents (AI).

currently featured in

2-7/2 2024 Opening keynote at the Nord Entertainment Conference

9/2 2024 Eskilstuna – Panel on Games as Art

Developed a game and an immersive audiovisual installation for iM Konsthall.

link to art galleryNordic landscape and biotech photo collections, available at

Photos: Halmstads konsthall

Two of my art house games are featured at Halmstads Konsthall 2023. Curators: Erika Danker and Jakob Tuchten. Game devs: Cactus, Christoffer Hedborg, Idun Isdrake, Kian Bashiri, Niflas, Might and Delight, Stormhatt studios, Simogo.


Playcentric Studios

Game innovation, experience design and production with focus on diverse, inclusive tech and narratives.

Story Architect

Story architecture, film direction, transmedia, design fiction, ICT and innovation management.


Game Innovation Lab, design & art studio with a next gen makerspace and global community of creators.

Epic Unidragon Game Gallery

Game art gallery and home of the festival Electrodome. Swedens first gallery for electronic arts.


Idun Design

Fine arts, performance, curation, fashion.

Maker Ninja

Labs, workshops, digital culture, artscience and STEAM education.


Creative Director &
Game Designer

Art house to AAA, research in immersive media and metaverses, LARPs, transmedia, experience design, physical installations, character costumes, cosplay, archaeology of game culture, scientific consultation (Viking culture, story architectures etc). Game jams, esport shows, incubation/start-up support through my lab Collaboratory. Games for social innovation and learning, diversity and inclusion, HCI and cyborg interfaces. Co-initiator of IGDA Sweden, initiator of Diversi Gothenburg, advisor at Game Dev Force, and other activities for inclusive gaming. Advisor and report writer for cities interested in esports and game events.

Game Innovation

Game innovation is the favourite part of my work, from making new kinds of art house games, to building the game innovation lab Collaboratory.I was also a part of the team that developed the Electronic Arts (Battlefield, Star Wars etc.) R&D lab, Frostbite Labs/SEED, focusing on digital humans, machine learning, VR and more. My role was a mix of producer and designer, prototyping future game experiences and features for EAs games and engine. I was also leading team building activities, road mapping and brand vision workshops, managed office spaces and demo sessions, introduced Dev Days game jam, a hackathon, as well as a diversity initiative at the DICE offices in Stockholm and LA.

Film Director

Art house, music video, VR/AV/AR/MR, immersive installations, video installations, projection mapping, interactive, feature, short, web series, documentary, transmedia, commercials. I also have experience in script writing, editing, audio, producing, production design, casting, costume, mask, location scouting, photography, cinematography, mocap and light design.

Experience Director

Directing for any venue and experience, large installations, projections, fire shows, circus, arena openings, concerts, esports, theatre, opera, mixed reality/digital layers, using technology as extensions of performers, innovation in interfaces and interactivity.

I am included in the London-based body>data>space collective of pioneers in digital arts, and listed on several artist platforms like Ars Electronica Women in Media Arts

Research areas

Human Computer Interaction, cyborg interfaces, body mods and non-verbal communication. Digital skin, avatars and identity in virtual and augmented spaces. Diversity and ethics in digital domains and AI systems, counter-tactics and empowerment. 

Archaeology, game culture and technological development over time.

Example of cyborg music tech, playing music or ‘singing’ through implants in the body, Test video.

Inserting magnet implant

Spaceship management; new business models and process, innovation for start-ups, policymakers and organisations through living labs and make/hack/game spaces like Collaboratory.

Cyborg art

A new language based on NFC implants in my hands and chest. Embodied, embedded tech for diversity, inclusion, identification in metaverses, VR and more. Body modifications as empowerment, counter tactics and anti-surveillance face mods. I work with embodiment, movement, somaesthetic design, have danced and for a while I changed the way my body runs by using a jumprunning shoe daily for over 3 years, with side effects like not being seen by automated cars trained on ‘normal’ human movement styles.

Implant under a tattoo of a cyborg heart linked to an experience when scanned with an NFC device. Explores non-verbal emotional expression and how tech can bring people closer. It is also a reminder to value the time we have, showing an cardiac ultrasonic video and countdown of my heart beats.

Diversity & Inclusion

Labs, meet-ups and consulting for diversity, inclusion and equity is an important part of my work. I run and support several initiatives in the game and tech industries, discuss cyborg rights, develop new game controllers and interfaces. See Collaboratory’s list of diversity resources here.

I have explored music tech and made audio art with nerve signals and other types of biofeedback, and I curate, co-facilitate and direct festivals and labs for diverse tech, like Electrodome and Music Tech Fest.

I directed the MTF Lab at Slush 2017, theme: inclusion & blockchain. Including a show at the closing party of Slush Music and opening party of Slush. News broadcast Yle
Article by Gautam Dhameja.

New interfaces

Axion, a game and interactive documentary that can be played with an EEG sensor, mainly experienced as an art installation. Trailer. Initiated when game designers, film-makers and scientists gathered at CERN in Switzerland, hosted with Tribeca Film Institute, to find new ways of telling interactive stories about science. BBC story 



MIT Media Lab Doc

Body Hack – film about our MTFLab Body+Performance featuring Viktoria Modesta. Made by BAFTA-winning filmmaker Sheila Hayman, produced by MIT Media Lab at Music Tech Fest Berlin 2016. I led the lab together with Peter Kirn. Artists, neuroscientists, technicians, MIT Media Lab fellows, designers and hackers worked together on technology as extension of the body. Article in Wired and summary video.


Mentor, jury and advisory boards

Serving at jury and advisory boards for different festivals and organisations, also mentor for students and start-ups. IndieCade game festival, Bafta games, Dreamhack, Gotland Game Conference, Brewhouse Awards, Shortly film etc.

Speaker European Commission

Research & innovation – shaping our future, bringing together policymakers from EU institutions, nearly 700 stakeholders and interested actors to discuss the role of research and innovation for Europe’s future. Visionary speakers included Nobel Prize winners, captains of industry, researchers and innovators at the frontier of progress, politicians and movers and shakers in society. Live stream available here, (I talk at 11.53).

Highlights video:

Open Innovation 2.0

DIGITAL AGENDA FOR EUROPE Open Innovation 2.0 Conference 2015 – speaker, IoT thought leader.

Aalto University and Design Lab, Espoo, Finland.


Several panels with Dreamhack and Sverok at game events. Video from Pride 2021 LGBTQIA+ Gamers


Opening of the International Science Festival with Nobel Center 2018, panel on AI with Max Tegmark as a hologram.

Game culture talk at The Royal Dramatic Theatre Stockholm, stream link

Panel on queer film at Pride 2017 Klarabiografen, Stockholm, hosted by Shortly.

Slush Music keynote, and panel on Sourcing talent to the music industry, with: Emilien Moyon, Nico Stadi, Yvan Boudillet, Derek Sellin, Jasmine Isdrake.

Music Pool Berlin: Music ideas, performance, and music technologies At Noize Fabrik Berlin, theme: How can music technologies influence your work as an artist, and how can you influence technologies to develop your style of music and your musical performance?


Full list of talks given between 2010 and 2021 at

Keynote at Innovation by collaboration, SNITTS tech transfer conference.

Presentation The importance of diversity, inclusion and transdisciplinary collaboration, WASP The Wallenberg Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Systems and Software Program

FutureFest 2018, London. Debate on augmented bodies and future humans, Isdrake, Rebecca Allen and Douglas Rushkoff, moderator Ghislaine Boddington.

Panel on transmedia at BreakIt GameTech conference 2018, Stockholm.

Presentation Digital identities & avatars, 2018 Toronto, Society for Literature, Science & Arts

Embodied Empowerment – Cyborg Implants as Musical Instruments.
Artist talk and performance at Raflost festival for electronic arts, and lecture at the University of the Arts, Reykjavik, Iceland.

Supported with a travel grant from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.


May 2021

Shortlisted for the Science Gallery Dublin proposal workshops for the coming Bias exhibition, in collaboration with the ADAPT center.

Lead curator of the early development for the game exhibition I named Play Beyond Play. The team was Playcentric Industries, BankerWessel and Strombro Building Workshop, together with the Technology Museum Stockholm personell.

Facilitated 5 design workshops to shape the game exhibition with kids, architects, graphic designers, game developers, museum teams, press etc.

ELEKTRA, in collaboration with Hexagram – MATERIA : Laboratoire public de création de savoirs numériques. September 2022

Participated in cluster 3 at this event that brought together local and international artists, creators, scientists, researchers and professionals from the artistic and cultural sectors, in a 3 day arena of creation and knowledge sharing, at the intersections of art, design, science, and multiple forms of knowledge and forms of knowing.

Keynote StoryTech conference 2018, Gävle.

Participatory project by the dance company at the Gothenburg Opera. Creative direction in digital storytelling, 2018.

Co-curator for the digital culture track at Scandinavia’s largest cultural event. The program included many interesting talks on esports, game culture and new storytelling formats, and we invited esports-organisations like The Alliance and Female Legends, as well as politicians and researchers. Shaped together with partners like Rainy lab, Dreamhack and Storytel. I was also hosting the conversation about the esports grassroots movement in Sweden.

Augmented Authenticity

Talk and collaborative debate and interview, Chalmers University of Technology, AHA Festival 2019

Our dialogue on transformation, diversity & design fiction was also published as an article in Glänta 3/20.

Keynote Internet Days Stockholm 2017.

Co-curator/speaker, The Glass Room Experience, Stockholm 2018.

September 2019 London
Panel: Age of the heroine.

Interview on the same theme in Design week, design and representation of female characters in video games

Digital Culture – Keynote at Karlstad University 2020 with Drivhuset, UF Värmland, The Great Journey, Karlstads kommun, DigitalWell Arena. Article in Swedish

Inclusive Digital Spaces – Lecture for Halland Visualisation & Innovation Arena 2021.

Art & Exhibitions

Field_Notes – Deep Time

14469_10151675936201958_879964027_nSeptember 2013, a group of international artists, scientist and practitioners met for “Field_Notes – Deep Time”, an art&science field laboratory at the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station in Lapland, organized by the Finnish Society of Bioart.

1374038_10151684890341966_1715643403_nDeep Time / Deep Futures – Finnish Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki. Symposium on artistic responses to the dichotomy between human time-perception and time in biological, environmental, and geological processes, within which we are embedded.

The Common Roof: Göteborgs Kollektiva Hus

Workshop at Röda sten led by artist and architect Marjetica Potrč, exploring the crossing of art, activism and urbanism. Through participatory design a group of artists were invited to build a house. The exhibition was then open for any visitor to continue building.


Urban sound

Som en satellit till Göteborgs Internationella Konstbiennal öppnar utställningen ”Älvsnabben- drömmen om ett annat Göteborg” på Sjöfartsmuseet Akvariet.

Group exhibition at the Gothenburg Maritime Museum 10/9 2011 – 8/1 2012, including live performances at Älvsnabben boat during the Gothenburg art biennial. Winner of the UEForum Golden Room award.

Idun participated with video, audio and text works. Click to read booklet.

Anatomy of a moment

Co-curator art exhibition.

anatomy1 anatomy3anatomy4


Vittorio Storaro exhibition & master class

Production coordinator and photographer for the exhibition and master classes at the Röhsska Museum and Gothenburg Film Studios, 2009-10.

The Spiral

Playing myself in 2 LARPs for Swedish Television and transmedia game about an artist collective. 2011-12. Lending my original art to the TV series and live events, made videos for events and social media and maintained fake social media accounts and stories for several months leading up to the TV premiere. Article


A parody style transmedia web series about the behind, behind the scenes at a film studio. Recorded at Gothenburg Film Studios 2011-12. I worked as a transmedia director, with script development, live events and the story architecture in social media. We recorded 3 episodes and held live events and a film competition where the line between fiction and reality was blurred. A mood video can be seen at


Web series and music tour for Swedish Television, by Göta Film, 2012. I worked with transmedia direction and materials for social media. The team was touring around Europe in a van, shooting the series in several locations, including live concerts and interactions with people we encountered during the tour.


Game concept and script for 9 levels, by me and Theo Gabay, about a child trying to escape an orphanage, 2010. 

Illustrations by Anders Muammar.


Game by Idun & Bitslap, featured in KOTAKU listing the best games at IndieCade 2015.

Fight Fire with Ice

VR game made at Collaboratory Global Game Jam 2016 GGJ

SIKU – The Last Iceberg

Interactive installation at the Museum of Technology in Stockholm, part of Digital Now and a water pollution exhibition. By me, artist Synthestruct and singer Ida Long, with seismic data from researchers working with melting ice in the Arctic.

Corridors of Time

Game by Idun, Dev and Ossian. Exhibited at Skövde Art Museum and Electrodome.IMG_9434 IMG_9442 cot

Audiovisual experiments

Audiovisual performance based on the Ray Bradbury novel There will come soft rains.

Audio art based on neuron signals recorded during microneurography tests at the Institute for Physiology and Neuroscience in Gothenburg.

Epic Unidragon

A game art gallery by Isdrake, initially built as a container gallery when I was asked to design a temporary part of the Gothenburg centre while construction plans were being set.


Invited artist at Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art (GIBCA), held every second year and has today become one of the leading art biennials in the Nordic region. Round table discussion in House of words, at Röda sten art hall.


I sometimes model and do stunts for video/stage

Design for stage

I direct and produce stage shows, including digital scenography and extraordinary set/costume designs. Like Gydja, a character that involves everything from fire breathing to sensors that control projections through dance. Or this projection cube for Twisted Feet’s 5 Degrees, built in Collaboratory. I also perform with fire and have studied dance at DNA in New York and other dance studios.

Gothenburg x-mas city show

Circus and fire show for the yearly opening of Gothenburg x-mas light city, with Lucia choir, astronauts, In mind studios with team. Premiere of my act Gydja, specially designed for larger stages and productions. 

Film and games festival awards & selections

IndieCade 2015, Los Angeles, Gregor.

We have been really impressed with your experimental film and we appreciate your original mise-en-scène that mixes the surreal and the expressionist, as well as the way you deploy elements of noir aesthetics in the service of a cinematic modernism reminding us of Guy Maddin’s Keyhole‘. Interview ISSUU.COM

Filmteractive 2014, winner, Axion.

Tribeca Film Festival Interactive 2014, exhibition Axion.

CineGlobe CERN 2014, Axion.

CineGlobe CERN 2015, Axion.

International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling 2016, Axion.

Cross Video Days Paris 2015, market and pitch, Axion.

Cross Video Days Paris 2013, market. Parkour documentary Spirit of Freerunning.

Shanghai Film Festival 2012, screening of short film Idun.

Tempo Film Festival 2011, radio short docs finalist, Talking to Neurons, 2011. 

Nordisk Panorama Transmedia meetup 2014, speaker, and game design at Nordisk Panorama Hackathon, Malmö.

Indie Gathering Film Festival, USA 2012, winner experimental shorts, Brainfuck.

Gothenburg International Film Festival 2013, selection online shorts competition, Brainfuck.

Brainfuck is a psychogeographic game, wearable art and performance project initiated in New York 2010.

Malmö Arab Film Festival 2015, development award shorts.IMG_9731


International Science Festival Gothenburg 2019

Creative Director & Head of public programs for over 300 activities with 70 000 visitors over 5 days. 
Director of the opening gala, hosted with BBC, the band dÀrc and AI expert Cedric Villani.

International Science Festival 2014-16

Pop-up makerspace in shopping mall Nordstan 2014. Keynote speaker together with Erik Thorstensson at the opening and scientist at the Science Roulette 2015.

Curator for Makerspace and Mini Maker Faire with 25 000 visitors 2015 and 2016.

Future City Lab

Citizen driven city planning labs based on participatory design and open, social innovation. Curated by Collaboratory in collaboration with anyone interested, for example Staden vi vill ha, Engineers without borders, Kollaborativ ekonomi and researchers.

Urban cultural city planning

Talk and Urban Culture Planning Lab with artists, citizens, politicians. Article.

WATER themed labs
Invited to advice on several city planning projects in Gothenburg. Älvstaden, ADA and other local organisations. Article GP. Main idea was to make the city playable when it rains and design against segregation, partly through sculptures by the tram stations, bringing people together and handling water flows.

Participating in city planning projects and construction of public spaces. One is the award winning sauna project at Frihamnen with SBK and Raumlaborberlin

Held a Spaceship management Ninja playshop at Stenkrossen 2015. The local community was really awesome and later they started ZON Art Lab Agency, check it out if you visit Lund. The local paper wrote an article.


Stenkrossen Lund 2019
Keynote and dance collage workshop to untangle creative knots.

FSCONS 2013-14

Ninja buildshop 2014, Rube Goldberg Ninja Turtles Challenge.

Talk on makerculture 2013 video link

TEDx Göteborg

Talk on story architecture 2013 and curator Lab 2013 and 2014.


The crossroads where architecture, textiles and interaction design meet – speaker 2014.

Innovationskontor V

Talk Innovation & maker culture.

Panel 3D printing

From bits to atoms – panel on 3D printing with Chalmers & ADA.


Älvornas strand

Elves beach is an urban game, AR and parkour experience bringing stories of citizens to life, connected to training sculptures around the city, turning the city into a big board game. We want to use the city as a test ground for new ways to use technology to deal with issues like segregation and fear. Collaboration with athlete Samir Gadre and Stampede, and paintings by Erik Jakobsson.

Video from my research and documentary projects about parkour, based on my interest in what I call mind parkour, and psychogeography. I met runners in New York, Montreal, Gothenburg and Berlin. Linked here is also a video by Steve Zavitz showing the NYC community.

Gothenburg City Triennial

Playcentric Industries & Institute was asked to curate parts of the first Gothenburg City Triennial. We held a playshop and show together with partners and athletes from Collaboratory and Stampede, as well as singer Ida Long.




Game about human rights by MR Piloterna. Facilitated design and prototype development through playshops and participatory design with the young people who will use the game in schools.

Started Diversi Gothenburg to raise awareness about the lack of diversity and accessibility in the game industry, academia and community. We held Meet-ups and gatherings regularly in different spaces and with different themes for a couple of years. Diversi is run by Dataspelsbranshen.

2016 we organised a Diversi workshop and panel at Nordic Game Conference.Was also speaking and promoting at Gothcon 2016.

Keynote, Copenhagen 2014, GameOn2014


Giving presentations on esports and game culture, and advisor on game culture and esports, working with proposals for ESL, Dreamhack, DOTA and connecting the city event organisation with gaming communities 2019.

Writing report on game related events, 2015.

European Council Edgeryders

Speaker, on participatory design, the power of MMOGs like World of Warcraft, diversity and story architecture, 2011. 

Edgeryders conference - 10151049048662781
eu_edgeAwesome change makers


Process leader playshop for women in IT WinIT, at Gothia Science Park 2014. Speaker and host for the Engineers Union gathering at Collaboratory. Speaker at Compile Gbg 2014, and supporting kids code activity with Dataföreningen

Sealand Multiversity Living Lab

Traveled to micronation Sealand for directing a film, doing a workshop on sustainable living solutions for a space like this, and breathing some fire.

Radio show NYC

2010, The Real Radio, speaker and exhibition at Time Square New York, with musicians from Misfits and Toxic.


Playcentric, Story Architect and Collaboratory are actively supporting the start up scene in Gothenburg. Partnering with the Gbg Startup Hack since their start, founding spaces like Collaboratory Gbg and arranging inclusive, forward thinking business competitions.


Collaboratory consulted many spaces in Sweden in their process of building labs and permanent and mobile makerspaces. A long list of companies (Ericsson, Volvo, Dassault systems etc), schools, universities, government orgs and unions (Business Region, VGR, Unionen, Engineers Union, Science Parks etc), and researchers came for guided tours and inspiration.

We also developed an idea about a maker car for experiential learning with the Collaboratory community, Engineers without borders and BUKE.


Jury cosplay costume contest, keynote and Collaboratory pop-up makerspace.


Reboot Stories

Creative producer at Reboot Stories and collaborator at educational projects like the story of robot Lyka that empowers students to reboot their education.

The BUKE is a people-powered bike bus that serves as the symbol of how youth drive change and progress in their community. From an idea on a napkin at Learn Do Share Los Angeles 2013, to several prototypes, to a business plan, to a youth-run cyclery: The BUKE, as envisioned and imagined by a group of former high school dropouts, is a vehicle for economic sustainability and community transformation.

Community art

Bergsjön Public, Art Marathon curated by us at Valand and San Fransisco Art Universities. Poster



Culture festival 2009 with Mentor Sweden. Me and my protégé made Usagi/Rabbit, a sculpture where young people wrote wishes for a future they want.

Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha Night in Gothenburg on Wednesday, August 14th, 2013. Talk on creativity.

Internet Freedom Weekend

Speaker on internet freedom, maker and share cultures, with Peter Sunde, Alexander Bard etc. 2015.


Innovation lab by ADA, design association owned by Business Region Göteborg.

Consulting / Teaching / Industry partnerships with universities

Science Parks

Norrköping Science Park/Visualiseringscenter-Keynote on makerculture, 2015. Article

Ideon Science Park – Talk on innovation and design 14 feb 2014.

Skövde Science Park – makerspace, game innovation info, 2014.

Linköping Science Park, Mjärdevi & Umeå Science Park, Sliperiet, HUMLAB – talk and processleader workshop, 2014.mjardevi


Business Innovation at School of Business, Economics and Law, the Department of Business Administration.

Advanced Game Design at FutureGames.

MUSE/Slöjd i Väst

Process leading playshop about the future of museums 2014.

Musemuse1 muse2 muse3  

Design & Communication

Design fiction, Diversity by Design, Digital management for leaders, Game design. 2017-20.

Film & Games

Transmedia storytelling – lectures, workshops, examinations 2014, 2015.


Game innovation, AI, music tech.

Transmedia and makerspaces – guest lecturer 2014.

ZURICH UNIVERSITY OF ARTS Dep. of Film & Performing Arts. Guest lecturer on transmedia, mobile apps, augmented reality, 2011.


Interaction Design – guest lecturer and workshop, 2014.chalmers_id

Department of Managing Organisational Renewal and Entrepreneurship (MORE) – guest lecturer, consulting, 2014, 2015.

Inspirational keynote 2016

UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHAMPTON Winchester School of Art, guest teacher on game innovation, transmedia, diverse tech 2019.

Story architects Collaboratory was industry partner for the Business & Design program 2014.

A group from the 2015 Business & Design program were inspired by Collaboratory and got support for holding their Future innovator lab in the space when helping the company First to know with creating a lab, The ( ) space, for students. Now they are building a makerspace in Bergsjön.

2 student groups from the Business & Design program have made their Master degree projects at Collaboratory. 

This group did a nice video

LBS High School
Game design and game jam, 2015.


Interview about my film TIME

Harpers Bazaar

harpersMarina Abramovic posting piece with Kira O’Reilly and Idun.

BBC story on the CERN Tribeca hack where our game Axion was initiated

Axion BBC

Interview BBC World Service

Game review

KOTAKU article about the best games at IndieCade 2015, featuring Gregor.


Blanket Fort Chats” is a weekly column featuring women and nonbinary game makers talking about the craft of making games. In this week’s post, we feature Jasmine Idun Isdrake, a game and experience designer.


Filmteractive 2014 video
and publication Filmteractive-projekt-1.12.2014

LEVEL wrote about the underground game culture in LA, Tokyo and Gothenburg, and about the work Collaboratory does to support the indie devs.

Richard Hoover

Collaboratory and Gothenburg Studios hosted a masterclass with Richard Hoover (Twin Peaks etc) arranged by ADA.

Design week

We take at look at the design and representation of female characters in video games and ask if they are falling behind the real world in terms of gender equality.

Magasin Göteborg

Business region national magazine.


Interview and article with me and Lance Weiler.


Game blog about games and DIY days Gothenburg 2013/14

PING culture magazine 2012

Interview and article about Sealand.

PING 2014

Article about projects developed at Collaboratory

Västgöta Bladet

Article about my WinIT playshop.


DIY Days Gothenburg – focus on games.

Thesis by A. Stehn researching spaces like Collaboratory.
A_Stehn_Transition Hub


Urban lab Gothenburg article.


Article about my ninja playshop for city planning at Stenkrossen, Lund.


Interview for the Association for Design and Advertising 2013.

Norrköping Science Park

Article about their coming makerspace and our keynotes.


Interview and article about No More Sweden game jam at Collaboratory.


Gothenburg Post – DIY or die, 2014.

Logistik magasinet

Schenker Logistik magasinet, interview about 3D printing.

Interview at German Radioeins / Strom und Drang, by Dennis Kastrup, about my cyborg art.

Svenska Dagbladet

Game reviews

Listed games that are not the mainstream or AAA kind that people usually write about in this section

Art takes Times Square

New York 2012. Photos for billboard wall screenings at Times Square and book.

Scandinavian Fashion

Interview about Idun masks and Polar prize performance with Ida Long 2010.

Article and news broadcast by Yle

SVT interview about a stunt course for driving and proper police acting for the film industry.

Articles about Art & Game Obstruction exhibition 2015


Learn Do Share

Fieldbooks capturing design and storytelling experiments at our global Learn Do Share events

Film and game scripts

Available on request, film list

Make Change Kitchen

Blogg and magazine made at Collaboratory until 2015. Some themes can be seen at the early Collaboratory blog, a new form of living lab and publication of research, CSR/ASR and open innovation.

The Collaboratory Playbook


Writings from my studies in archaeology, including media archaeology on film, fashion and gender.


Art piece for the award winning exhibition Älvsnabben – drömmen om ett annat Göteborg, at the Maritime Museum of Gothenburg 2011/12.

Art & Game Obstruction

Anthology, game course Skövde University and exhibition at Skövde Art Museum 2015. Authors: Lars Kristensen, Ewa Mazierska, Graeme Kirkpatrick, Lissa Holloway-Attaway, Jenny Brusk, Thomas Oldrell, Olle Essvik, Benjamin Fallon, Robert J. Homewood, Marisa Tapper, Karin Ryding, Mathilda Bjarnehed, Jasmine Idun, Dev Karnal Fridén, Ossian Borén, Jenny Sörensen, Berith Stennabb, Iman Farhanieh, Carlos González Díaz, Minnamari Helmisaari