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Cross video days Paris 2013

Cross video days Paris 2015

CineGlobe CERN 2014

CineGlobe CERN 2015

Interactive 2014

Radio short docs 2011

Online shorts 2013

Shorts, development award 2015

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Jury work, mentor, expert and advisory boards


Guest teacher/speaker or industry partner at universities and schools

List of talks and workshops


Opening keynote: Nord Entertainment Conference – Levanger, Norway

Panel: Game Culture panel at Folk & Kultur – Eskilstuna, Sweden


Panel: Game dev talk at Halmstads Konsthall’s opening of a game art and process exhibition


Panel: Inclusion in your gaming community – Dreamhack Winter Sweden

Panel: Mental health matters – Dreamhack Winter Sweden

Panel: Esports in schools – Dreamhack Winter Sweden

Artist talk: Piksel festival for electronic art and free technologies – Bergen, Norway

Lecture: Virtual worlds & cyborg bodies – Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue (UQAT), Turtle Island/Canada

Artist talk and performance: Futureless Festival for AI Arts – Stockholm Sweden


Artist talk & performance: Embodied Empowerment – cyborg instruments as music instrument Raflost festival for electronic arts – Reykjavík, Iceland

Lecture: Embodied Empowerment – cyborg instruments as music instrument – Iceland University of the Arts

Lecture: The Game Industry: Professional Contexts – University of Southampton Winchester School of Art

Lecture: Inclusive Digital spaces – VIAKub Halland 

Panel: LGBTQIA+ Gamers – WorldPride and EuroGames, Malmö, Sweden with Sverok and Dreamhack


Live show host for a panel on esports – The Gothenburg Book Fair

Keynote: Digital Nightmare – Karlstad University

Jury: Yrgo game dev students pitch contest


Lecture: Game Innovation – University of Southampton Winchester School of Art

Course leader: Advanced Game Design – FutureGames Stockholm

Keynote: SNITTS Tech Transfer conference Stockholm

Presentation and dialogue: Transformations (design fiction, gene manipulation) – AHA Festival Chalmers University of Technology

Lecture: Game Design – Hyper Island Stockholm

Presentation & Consultation: Esports & Gaming culture introduction, community connections and advisory work for ESL, Dreamhack, DOTA etc. proposals by Göteborg & Co (events for the city of Gothenburg)

Keynote & interview: Creative Knots – Stenkrossen Lund

Workshop and dance class: Creative Knots – Stenkrossen Lund

Panel: Gender & Cultural Representation in Games – Women in Games Conference London

Jury: global game company pitch contest – Dreamhack Jönköping

Presentation: Science Communication – Science Week Beijing

Lecture: Design Fiction – Berghs School of Communication Stockholm

Lecture and workshop: Digital management (for senior managers/leaders) – Hyper Island Stockholm


Academic panel: The Disembodied Women in Digital Art and Culture – SLSA Conference Toronto

Jury: Game Art – Bafta Games London

Jury: Start-up innovation competition – Brewhouse Awards Gothenburg

Speaker: Debate on Human Augmentation – Future Fest London

Panel: Game Tech – Breakit Stockholm

Panel: Artificial Intelligence – Nobel Center & Science Festival Gothenburg

Presentation: Artificial Intelligence & bias – The Wallenberg Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP) Stockholm

Workshop: Diversity in Games – Collaboratory Stockholm with American Embassy & Game Dev Force

Podcast guest: Inclusion and Equity in the Gaming industry – A Smart Future Podcast Stockholm

Panel: Game Culture – The Royal Dramatic Theatre Stockholm

Presentation & workshop with the Dance Company: Digital Culture & Participation – The Gothenburg Opera

Speaker & collaborator: The Glassroom Experience – Kista Library and Hornstull Library Stockholm

Speaker: The most exciting new technologies in storytelling – StoryTech Conference Gävle

Presentation: The Collaboratory and makerspaces in libraries – Boden Library


Presentation & tech demo: Inclusion, STEAM, games & cyborg tech – Horizon2020 EU Commission Brussels

Speaker: Music Tech – Slush Music Helsinki

Panel: Sourcing talent to the music industry – Slush Music Helsinki

Lab and stage show director for 2 musical performances / concerts at Slush Helsinki

Interview: Music tech and inclusion – YLE Finnish TV

Hackathon facilitator: DICEhack EA Stockholm

Presentation: Game innovation, AI & Music tech – Game studies KTH/Stockholm University & Kista Science Center

Speaker: Robots – Internet Days Stockholm

Game Jam / Hackathon leader: Frostbite DevDays EA Stockholm

Presentation: SEED, our VR work – DICE EA Los Angeles

Workshop series and audience participation labs for developing the Play Beyond Play exhibition – Museum of Technology Stockholm

Process leader: teambuilding, vision and roadmap workshops at SEED/EA Stockholm and Los Angeles

Panel: Queer film – Shortly film screening and panel at Pride Stockholm

Lecture: Digital Innovation & Diversity – Hyper Island Stockholm

Lecture, workshop, project feedback: Diversity by Design – Berghs School of Communication

Jury: Start-up innovation competition – Brewhouse Awards Gothenburg


Panel: Music ideas, performance, and music technologies – Music Pool At Noize Fabrik Berlin

Lab co-leader: Music Tech and live performances, Funkhouse Berlin

Interview: Music and cyborg tech – MIT documentary and GQ Wired Germany

Jury: Game design – IndieCade Los Angeles

Inspirational Keynote: Innovation – Chalmers Ventures

Presentation: Game culture & public exhibitions, Kick off workshop for a new game exhibition – Museum of Technology Stockholm

Presentation: Diversity in games – Diversi rep at Gothcon game festival Gothenburg

Panel and workshop co-organiser: Diversity in games – Diversi rep at Nordic Game Conference Malmö

Presentation: Urban Cultural City Planning – Nordic Urban Laboratory Gothenburg

Lecture & workshop: Idun Design mask project – Pussel Riot at Borås Fashion Museum

Interview: The rain city – citizen driven city planning – Gothenburg Post

Presentation and innovation project development: Creative city design and water use solutions –  Älvstranden Utveckling Gothenburg City Planning


Speaker: Open Innovation 2.0, IoT thought leaders at the EU Commission Conference in Aalto

Presentation: Axion game – Crossvideo Days Paris

Opening Keynote: Science Festival Gothenburg

Presentation: Short film award – Malmö Arab Film Festival

Speaker: Science Roulette – meet a scientist – Science Festival Gothenburg

Presentation and innovation project: Creative use of rain in city design – ADA design association

Keynote, interview and workshop: Citizen driven city planning and game culture – Stenkrossen & Lund City Planning 

Workshop and performance: Citizen driven city planning and game culture – Gothenburg City Triennial

Speaker: Maker/DIY culture & sharing economies – Internet Freedom Weekend

Keynote: Makerculture – Norrköping Science Park & Visualisation Centre

Round table: Artist talk – House of words at Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art

Lecture & game jam: Game design and game jam on human rights – LBS High School Gothenburg

Lecture & course planning: Prototyping – Chalmers MORE Dept of Managing Organisational Renewal and Entrepreneurship 2014/15

Lecture, workshop & examinations: Transmedia – Gothenburg University Dept of film 2014/15

Opening and closing talks: Make Change Festival 

Workshop: Game making – Gothenburg Art Museum

Presentation: The Collaboratory – Makers of Sweden Stockholm


Presentations: Axion game – CERN, BBC and CineGlobe Gèneve

Keynote: Game history and industry – GameOn Conference Copenhagen

Lecture: Transmedia & maker culture – Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts

Presentation: Axion game – Filmteractive Awards Poland

Jury: student games – Gotland Game Conference

Keynote: Transmedia – Nordic Panorama Film Festival Malmö

Jury: Cosplay contest – Confusion Cosplay Festival Gothenburg

Lecture & workshop: Interaction Design – Chalmers University of Technology

Presentation & workshops: The future of museums (for Swedish Museum Managers) – MUSE Borås Design & Fashion Museum

Workshop: Rube Goldberg Ninja Turtles Challenge – FSCONS Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit

Lab/Exhibition: Collaboratory makerspace and games – TEDx Gothenburg

Panel & Presentation: The crossroads where architecture, textiles and interaction design meet – Arcintex Conference

Presentation: Make and game culture – Chalmers Innovation Office Gothenburg

Presentation & workshop – Women in IT – Skövde Science Park

Presentation: Make and game culture – Swedish Engineers

Presentation: Innovation & Design – Ideon Science Park Lund

Presentation & workshop: The Collaboratory, maker and game culture – Linköping Science Park Mjärdevi and Umeå Science Park Sliperiet/HumLab

Presentation & lab: The Collaboratory, maker and game culture – Confusion Cosplay Festival Gothenburg

Presentation Industry Partner: Collaboratory Design Innovation – HDK Business & Design


Panel: Field_Notes – Symposium Finnish Society of Bioart

Presentation: Spirit of Freerunning transmedia project – Crossvideo Days Paris

Keynote: Makerculture – FSCONS Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit

Keynote: Story Architecture – TEDx Gothenburg

Presentation: Creativity – PechaKucha Gothenburg

Panel: 3D Printing – ADA Design association

Facilitation, production, consultation and workshops: DIY days/Learn Do share New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Barcelona, Tokyo 2013 – 16


Interview/Documentary: Free Societies – filming at Sealand micronation, and article in PING magazine

Speaker: Innovation & DIY/makerculture – Social Capital Forum, Living Bridges 2012-13


Panel: Participatory design, the power of MMOGs, diversity and story architecture – Edgeryders European Council Strasburg

Lecture: Transmedia and AR apps – with Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts at Zurich University of the Arts


Live public interview and dialogue with a couple of musicians – The Real Radio Show live at Time Square New York

Interview: Psychogeography mask performance video series – Scandinavian Fashion Stockholm


Some of the organisations that visited my lab The Collaboratory for guided tours, inspiration and presentations: Ericsson, Semcon, Dassault Systems, Volvo & Lync & Co, Engineers Union, Business Region Gothenburg, Svenska Mässan, Compile, Engineers without borders, Gothenburg University, Chalmers University of Technology, HDK Design University, RISE, Lindholmen Science Park, ABF Media Lab, Unionen, Copenhagen Culture House & Library, Stockholm Library, Global Cycling Librarians, VGR, researchers from Sweden, Japan, Canada, Germany, USA.

Some of the game jams and hackathons at Collaboratory: Global Game Jam yearly event, GAMERella game jam, No More Sweden game jam, Ludum Dare game jam, Learn Do Share & DIY days hackathons/labs, Make Change labs, Imagination labs, Future City Labs, more info at