Overview courses, 1 year = 60 HP (original transcripts/grades available as pdfs below)

MFA Archaeology, 2007
MFA Film, 2013
PhD, in progress

Course name, University, Year, Credits/HP/Units (1 year = 60 HP)

Public Art Garage, collaboration between Concordia University Tiohtià:ke/Montréal, Bauhaus University Weimar and Queen’s University Belfast 3 U
Machine Learning for Creative Practice, 2 part workshop with Gabriel Vigliensoni, Concordia University NA
New Materialisms Digital Culture & Research Creation, Concordia University Tiohtià:ke/Montréal, 2022 3 U
Game design theory & research, Concordia University Tiohtià:ke/Montréal, 2021 3 U
Interaction Design, Concordia University Tiohtià:ke/Montréal, 2021 3 U
Art and Game Culture, Valand Academy of Fine Arts and Skövde Game University, 2015

Pedagogic game design, Gothenburg University, 2015

15 HP


Curator/Creative Director, specialization moving image. Valand Academy of Fine Arts, 2013. MFA Film 60 HP
Crossmedia and Entrepreneurship, Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts and KTH Kista, 2012 15 HP
Film Studies, Gävle University, 2012 7,5 HP
Curatorial Methods Concerning Collections and Archives, Valand Academy of Fine Arts, 2011 7,5 HP
Visualisation in Architecture, Art and Design, Chalmers University of Technology / IT University, 2011 9 HP
Digital Movie Making, Chalmers University of Technology / Gothenburg IT University, 2011 7,5 HP
Curating and Cultural Production Strategies, Valand Academy of Fine Arts, 2011 18 HP
Urban Sound, Valand Academy of Fine Arts, 2011 18 HP
Crossmedia/Transmedia –from storytelling to distribution, Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, 2011 30 HP
Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuroscience, Gothenburg University, 2011 3,5HP
Cognitive Science, Chalmers University of Technology, 2011 15 HP
Metacognition, Blekinge Technical University, 2010 7,5 HP
The Mask of Beauty, Gotland University, 2010 7,5 HP
Crime Scene Archaeology, Umeå University, 2010 7,5 HP
Media Art. Art + Science: Collective, Collaborative, Communal, Valand Academy of Fine Arts, 2010 7,5 HP
Light Design. University of Photography, Gothenburg, 2010 7,5 HP
Video: editing/production, University of Photography, Gothenburg, 2010 7,5 HP
Smart Textiles and High-tech Clothing, and Digital Fashion Sketch, Borås University, 2009 10,5HP
Digital Photography, University of Photography, Gothenburg, 2009 15 HP
Art in Public Spaces, Bergsjön Public, Valand Academy of Fine Arts, Gothenburg, 2009 9 HP
Scriptwriting for documentary and short film, Halmstad University, 2009 7,5 HP
Fashion and Film, gender representation, Swedish Film Institute and Stockholm University, 2009 15 HP
Archaeological Field-course, Gothenburg University, 2008 7,5 HP
Themes in Icelandic Archaeology & Viking Age Archaeology, University of Iceland, 2007 20 ECTS
Information Management, Södertörns Högskola, 2011 1,5 HP
Icelandic, conversational practice, University of Iceland, 2007  6 ECTS
Icelandic Culture, University of Iceland, 2007 10 ECTS
3D-modelling and Animation, Open Source, Gävle University, 2007 7,5 HP
Physical Geography: Climate, Human, Society, Gothenburg University, 2007 7,5 HP
Archaeology C/D, Gotland/Uppsala and Gothenburg University, 2006-2007. Master of Science/Art 60 HP
Earth sciences: Natural Hazards, Gothenburg University, 2007 7,5 HP
Earth sciences: Geology, Gothenburg University, 2007 10 HP
Evolution of Life, Stockholm University, 2007 6 HP
Dinosaurs, Stockholm University, 2007 7,5 HP
Ethnoarchaeology, Gotland University, 2006 15 HP
Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Archaeology, Gothenburg University, 2006 7,5 HP
Geological Processes on Iceland, Umeå University and excursion in Iceland, 2006 7,5 HP
Archaeosteology, Gotland University, 2005 7,5 HP
Clouds and Weather, Gothenburg University, 2005 7,5 HP
Icelandic Literature, University of Iceland, 2005 7,5 HP
Icelandic A, Gothenburg University, 2005 7,5 HP
Scandinavian History of Religions, Umeå University, 2005 7,5 HP
The Viking Society, Gotland University, 2004 15 HP
Archaeology A/B, Gothenburg University, 2004 60 HP

College level courses:
Organisation & Leadership, Business Economy, Web Design, Image & Form, Digital Art, Photography, Theatre & Drama, Jazz dance.

Selection of other courses/master classes:
Modern and Contemporary dance, Tribal fusion dance, Game Design, Cinematography, Light stage and Motion Capture methods (lecture by Paul Debevec and hackathon with Rokoko), Writing with light – master class with Vittorio Storaro (Apocalypse Now) followed by film production sessions, Script Writing, Costume and Mask Design for film, Stunt/Police/Weapon training for film/TV, Spanish, Aerobox fitness instructor, Scuba diving/Wreck diving.

Original academic documents:
Master of Arts in FilmMaster of Arts in Archaeology
Crossmedia and entrepreneurship, Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts
Crossmedia – from storytelling to distribution, Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts
IT, cognitive science, digital movie making, GU/Chalmers
Game culture, Film, Photography, Fine Arts, Media art, Curatorial studies, Editing, Neuroscience, Archaeology etc. University of Photography, Valand school of Fine Arts, Gothenburg University
Archaeology, Ethnoarchaeology, Mask of Beauty, Gotland/Uppsala University
Religion, Geology, Crime scene archaeology, Umea
Film & Fashion, Geology, Stockholm University
Fashion, Smart textiles, BorasFilm studies, 3D modelling and animation, Gavle
Scriptwriting, Halmstad
Metacognition, Blekinge Technical University
Dance New Amsterdam Dance diploma, New York 2010