In a suburb in Sweden there was a pink culture house that was about to be demolished in 2009. Earthlings were sad to close the house down, but it was poisonous, so they had moved their events outside since long. In the house there had been a little beetle left by itself, abandoned for many months, maybe years.

Close to the culture house is a beautiful forrest where many beetles live. Since the paleolithic, beetles have been important symbols of renewal as they are holometabolistic. They go through a complete metamorphosis from larva to adult, can be found in almost all habitats and they are the animal group with most described species.

One day the beetle stumbled on a hidden piece of art in the house. It was a knitted gasmask. The beetle put the mask on and the ease of breathing gave it strength to crawl out from the house. It barely made its way into a gallery across the street, leaving a trace of blood all the way. Idun, an artist, followed the red line and recognized her old gasmask. Idun became friends with the beetle which she named Gregor after a character in one of her favorite stories, The Metamorphosis.

Gregor lived in Iduns place for a couple of years. But it was very lonely as Idun was traveling a lot and Gregor could not go far.

In Nordic mythology Idun was the one who gave the gods eternal life by feeding them apples, a symbol of life and knowledge.

Idun tried to feed Gregor apples, but Gregor is allergic to apples and his body got weaker and weaker. Idun repaired the legs over and over again, fixed the wings, improved the mask. Nothing helped.

Idun thought some new technology and more company could help Gregor get stronger and happier, so she moved Gregor to her game lab. In Collaboratory Idun and Gregor met Bitslap who made games too. They decided to help Gregor transform into a digital self that would also make it easier to communicate with other earthlings.

bild 1

Gregor got better fast and met lots of people in the lab and in festivals around the city.



In 2015 Collaboratory had to move out from the old space so Gregor was moved to the Epic Unidragon game gallery. A space where artists from all over the world are welcome to exhibit their electronic/interactive art.


Encountering so many people from different cultures made Gregor curious about the rest of the planet. Gregor decided to travel across the world, even if it would be the last journey.

unidragonIt turned out the festival IndieCade15 in Los Angeles had accepted Gregors presence. Idun was a bit hesitant of taking Gregor so far as the body was old and still not strong, but they decided it was time for some change. Disguised as a mummy Gregor made it all the way to LA.

Saturday Oct 24 Gregor is at IndieCade Night games. Come and play with him, and if you want, help build his new body. A metamorphosis has started, Gregor is about to get a new look to fit his next journey, on a rocket to space!